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We’ve advised on over 100 international matters over the course of the last twenty years.


We have a prized network of experienced and impressive partners around the world, from experts in UK tabloid media relations; government relations experts in Russia; to lobbyists and crisis PRs in Washington DC and New York and a variety of experts in the institutions of the European Union.

While the UK is our 'home' market, we have worked extensively in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries such as Kazkahstan. We have deep experience in Indonesia, Thailand; Myanmar and Vietnam and the other ASEAN countries.

In investor-state disputes, we have worked globally, including on ICSID arbitrations: we are one of the few agencies that will accept cases against the People's Republic of China. We have particularly rich experience also in matters involving Brazil, Turkey, the UAE and Qatar, the institutions of the European Union, INTERPOL and matters in Central and Eastern Europe and francophone Africa.

We have worked with several sovereign and multilateral clients including the ASEAN and APEC Secretariats; overseas delegations of the European Union; and government aid and non-aid agencies from Australia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Chinese Taipei, the UK, USA, UN and WHO.


Our network of independent and boutique geographic specialists is particularly deep in Central and Eastern Europe; central Asia and Southeast Asia. We have specialist partners for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Unlike 'global' PR agencies which have to deploy their expensive staff and sell their core services, whatever the client needs, at Northern & Eurasia we build bespoke teams for each assignment, using the best of independent and experienced expert resource.

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