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We are genuinely experienced, focused and sensitive in this area. Oftentimes the overriding benefit of having us on board is our ability to think and act objectively and compassionately, at speed.


We work in highly complex situations and are experienced in working in desperate circumstances (including where emotional trauma can understandably can affect employees, especially in fatal incidents).


We have advised on matters such as:

  • Corruption investigations

  • Corporate killing, including mass fatality industrial accidents

  • Child labour

  • Environmental catastrophe

  • Financial fraud

  • Corporate collapse

  • Mass redundancy  

  • Medical negligence 

  • Product recall and product failure (including infrastructure, pharmaceutical and food)

  • Sexual offences 

  • Terrorist aftermath

  • Transport mass fatality and other mass casualty incidents (including by air, train & ship)

We understand the difference between compassion and emotion: we always work with great respect to the former, without being distracted by the latter.


We are experienced between balancing the communications needs of victims, their families, internal stakeholders and the wider public; with the need for factual certainty, regulatory primacy, shareholders' rights, and liability management awareness. In these situations we treat the media with respect but also understand media relations is just one means to an end and not an end in itself.

We work closely with external counsel, not least to avoid any possible contempt of court issues. 

Working with expert partners we are able, quickly, to create and deploy websites; set up virtual organisations and design and program specialist mobile apps. 

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