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Experts in disputes and litigation communications, we’ve advised on legal disputes since the early-1990s; but have kept up-to-date with the most modern and innovative developments in dispute resolution, including ICSID arbitrations; shareholder class actions and working with litigation funders. We’ve worked on some of the biggest and  most complex commercial cases in the world, as well as sovereign disputes or state-connected actions; fatal catastrophes and disputes of a highly political nature.


Independent and independently minded, we are a specialist PR consultancy. This means we don’t have the conflicts of interest that adversely affect ‘universal’ firms. We are well-known for always having a constructive view on CIS countries (but presently are not accepting any pro-Russia mandates), as this is a region we were have worked countless times since 1997; and where we were based 2004-2010 (also working extensively in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries in Central Asia). Most recently, we have worked with pro-Ukrainian democratic voices.


Equally, however, we are one of the few agencies prepared and experienced in going up against the People's Republic of China, in such things as investor-state disputes; INTERPOL Red Notice appeals and other sovereign cases. 

Global media impact. We deliver press coverage around the world, while also focusing on international financial and political media. We have experience of quickly deploying PR campaigns that impact several major countries, but anchored with core coverage in the USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, among other key global media centres; as well as the press pack based at the European institutions in Brussels.  

We work closely with external counsel, not least to avoid any possible contempt of court issues.

Working with expert partners we are able, quickly, to create and deploy litigation and dispute information websites and online newsrooms; set up campaign and lobbying organisations; and design and program specialist mobile apps, for instance to use in election campaigns. 

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