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Not every crisis requires the CEO to be involved. Indeed, creating a buffer between an issue and corporate leadership can be strategically essential.


Even at a regional or national level, triage groups - as distinct and separate from the managers of a particular crisis - allow more efficiency and effective short-term crisis management, without losing sight of the need to manage the business overall. Triage groups are critical to prepare for crisis management, but surprisingly few firms understand how best to use them. We help corporate leadership create and manage such a process.

We also carry out risk assessments; write crisis manuals and help socialise and train in their use. We help management set up crisis management protocols and train key personnel in how to use them.

We can devise bespoke training programs and testing scenarios to help:

  • Validate that the crisis protocols and manuals will indeed work in real-world events

  • Train identified personnel in how to use them using one-to-one and in group exercises (often with considerable planning and external resources to provide realistic simulation)

  • Only then, as an added module, do we train in crisis communications. We understand that crisis communications is only a small, if important, part of overall crisis management training.

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