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The Art of the Commentator: byline articles

Writing a byline article (an article attributed to a source, rather than anonymous), or an OpEd piece (an opinion piece not linked to the publication's editors) is an excellent way to bolster CEO or other leadership profiling. It is also an efficient means of setting out agendas for public policy change, or attitudes toward the public interest issues of the day.

Stephen Lock has been lucky enough to write OpEds for many interesting people: but he strictly follows the old adage that a speechwriter never says which bits of a speech were his and which the principal's; similarly he doesn't reveal for whom he has ghost-written articles. And indeed their speeches.

Stephen Lock says: "I am fascinated when someone rapid-fires at me their thoughts and logic and I have the chance to craft it into an article; dovetailing my client's vision with the publication's audience.

"I've also on occasion written pieces under my own name. It's a great privilege when a publication gifts you some space to set forth a point or view or an insight. I am careful never to waste it and to have respect for the readership."

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